Beyti - A Joint Venture of Almarai & Pepsico

1001-5000 Employees

About The Company

BEYTI was established in 1998 with the acquisition of the largest commercial dairy farm in Egypt, from the Saudi Group, Dallah Al-Barakah. Beyti is involved in many of the profitable aspects of the agricultural industry. Activities includes land reclamation, planting and cultivating crops utilizing advanced farming methods and technologies, processing , packaging and distributing agricultural based products at the national and international level.
Beyti, the mother brand and corporate identity of the company, was first introduced in the Egyptian dairy market during mid-2002 and pioneered in the production and sales of plain milk in the novelty bottle packaging format, which has established Beyti’s unique character and identity. Later that year, Beyti launched flavored milk under the sub-brand “Spiky” with compliance to the mother-brand, in addition to the yogurt range. Ever since, Beyti’s success has lead to the expansion of its existing product portfolio to include line extensions in its existing categories and the launch of the cheese and juice categories.
Freely translated the name BEYTI has the dual meaning of “my home” and/or “home-made”, and embraces both the corporate identity and the brand concept. Beyti name is derived from the fact that our products are made with no milk powder, no preservatives nor include any harmful additives. Beyti quality control measures ensure that our products are Fresh and Natural, those needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Beyti plant is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the most prominent and advanced dairy plants in the Middle East and Africa. It has gained international recognition as “Factory of the Year” for 2002 by the European Dairy Magazine (EDM). The facility is fully automated and employs high speed processing machinery, capable of producing a diverse variety of dairy/juice and dairy-based products with the highest standards of productivity, hygiene and safety.
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    Cairo, Egypt
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    1001-5000 Employees
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