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About The Company

Arabic Localizer is a localization company that is laser-focused on translating unidirectionally from multiple source languages to the Arabic language. We are quality driven and dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service through our rigorous operational processes.

Arabic Localizer was founded to fill a gap in service in the Arabic language localization market. We discovered that even though people have been localizing content to Arabic for several years now, the average quality of the produced output doesn't meet the standards of more mature languages. We believe that we will be able to improve standards of quality for Arabic language localization and that there is a whole array of clients looking for superb quality.

We primarily translate using our well trained and experienced in- house translation team and we are continually growing to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients. We also believe in dealing transparently with our customers, we don't promise unless we can deliver and we will be candid with you concerning our abilities and your expectations.

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    Cairo, Egypt
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    11-50 Employees
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