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Why advertise with is the first Regional Job Search Engine dedicated to Egypt & Middle East, it is the new development in the world of job search. We aim to revolutionize the way people search for jobs by having all jobs in Egypt under one website.

Our target audience is Alumni from respected universities and schools in Egypt. Studies showed however that jobseekers are mostly active between early 20’s years old till late 30’s


Advertising options and rates


We offer a wide range of Advertising options between Standard Display Ads (banners) in our website that varies between Leader banner (728 * 90), Killer banner  (300 * 250), Sky Scrapper banner (120 * 600), and Wide Sky Scrapper (160 * 600) and Sponsoring the website


Standard Display Ads Advantages

  • Standard Display Ads is the mother of online Ad formats
  • Highly recommended for online branding and traffic generation.
  • Widely accepted with any website layout.
  • Non interfering Ad format.


The standard cost calculation unit in online advertising is CPM, which is the cost per thousand banners served or CPC, which is cost per click.


Sponsoring website Advantages

  • Maximum Visibility to your Brand

  • Highly recommended for Employer Branding


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